We manage our olive groves, so they are fully integrated with their environment

Environmental preservation

More than 2.500 hectares with high ecological value are dedicated to conservation. They are comprised of natural agroforestry systems, ecological corridors and water lines and their margins.


All our farms in the Iberian Peninsula have the Integrated Production seal and, currently, we are converting one of our farms in Andalusia to Organic Farming. Also, all of our farms in Portugal have an Water Use Efficiency certificate.

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Good practices


We carefully plan and install our modern drip irrigation systems to increase water use efficiency.

We continually monitor soil moisture and weather conditions to optimize irrigation.

We have our own platform to control and monitor the irrigation system in all our our farms.

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We do a thorough study of the soil before installing the irrigation systems.

The vegetation between the rows of olive trees reduces the risk of erosion and improves water infiltration.

Fertigation allows for an efficient use of fertilizers reduces the risk of soil and water contamination.


Planting riparian species in the margins of water lines helps create ecological corridors.

Maintenance of “montado” areas and other areas with ecological value.

We study and monitor the ecosystems in our farms to maintain their equilibrium.